Jefferson 500

I attended the Jefferson 500 on Saturday May 20, 2006 with my Nikon D50. This was my first visit to Summit Point Raceway. I go there late and I didn't get the schedule at the track. I did bring a copy of the web page for the day and was able eventually figure out what I was watching. Around noon the announcer started to explain some of the groups coming through. Their schedule was a little off the one that was posted on the web page. They also added some features. Once I got home I was able to compare the web page listing the different groups with the pictures I took. I arrived a little late in the morning and dumped my memory cards during a lunch break and missed a couple practices.

Below is a list of the different groups (copied from the website) with links to my photos.

The John Wyer Cup - A two hour enduro, split between Saturday & Sunday. For '88 through '80 race cars and '68 through '72 production camps.
Most of these pictures are from Saturday qualifying.
The Briggs Cunningham Cup - A two hour enduro, split between Saturday and Sunday. For race cars and production cars through '65 running on treaded tires.
These pictures are from the qualifying and a few from the first enduro.
The Marlboro Cup - A 1 hour enduro for production cars through 1972, 1.3 liters to 2.0 liters.
Some of these pictures are taken from the early morning practice with the Lola cars. Several are from the late afternoon Qualifying.
LoLa Cars Cup - A 1 hour enduro for pre '59 sports racing and pre '67 production based racing cars under 1.3 liters.
I don't know where the enduro comes from. They only list a 10 lap sprint on the schedule.
The Eifel Trophy All pre 1977 Porsches.
I caught the qualifying laps.
The Phil Hill Cup - For single seat racing cars built through '72 conforming to Monoposto Racing rules. Other cars accepted with the Race Directors permission.
I missed the Phil Hill practice in the morning. These pictures are from the qualifying later in the day.
The Charlie Gibson Trophy -For Monoposto Formula 70 cars
I only caught the practice. I was dumping my memory cards during the qualifying.
Bill Scott Invitational Cup - F2000 open wheel race cars
Most of these are from the morning practice. I added a few more cars in the late afternoon race.
ARK Project Cup - For S2000 race cars cars
From the early morning practice.
Vintage Go Cart Exhibition - These guys hit speeds as high as 70mph on the straight away. What was supposed to be a little show for the fans looked like a real competition at times.