The Virtual Airline I fly for is Green Mountain Airlines.
I've written a couple simple tutorials I've written. The first was on using the Navigation radios to follow an ILS. It still isn't complete but here it is. Then there is some Squawkbox information.

I have been given the responsibility to train new pilots in our VA on how to use VATSIM to fly online. I have developed a loose outline for my 2 or 3 different classes. Each class started with an e-mail about what we were going to do and how to get set up for it. I soon realized I should put these online so the pilots could take a look at it before they commit to a scheduled class.
The first class is VATSIM Intro. During this class the pilot gets the basics down of how to even get their flight simulator online with VATSIM.
The second class is Flight Planning. There isn't much to do with this class online. It usually ends up really being the second and third topics at once. The class starts out with quick question and answer session and continues on to following a flight plan to get from Burlington to Boston. If the pilot does great the 3rd class is skipped.
The third class ATC Interaction is actually a checkflight where a staff member follows the trainee(s) on a flight. The staff member is listening to see if the trainee can handle theirselves in communicating with ATC.

Then there are logs about my favorite computer pastime.
Apr 21 - Capital Cities Fly-in

Nov 23 - Detroit/Clevelend Fly-in

There were many flights, I have flown over 480 hours online. There were bad ATC, there were nights we were both asleep and fly-ins with ignorant users.
Bad ATC? Well lets say even if there is traffic you don't ask a jet 20 miles from the end of the runway to climb to 12,000 and then ask them if they can get back down for final approach.
Both asleep? It was midnight when I made it to the center's edge. He guided me up past the airport on a downwind then turned me around for final. I should of had the awareness of where I was but by the time I saw the runway I was still 2,000ft over it coming in at a 45 degree angle. As soon as my wheels hit the ground on the 2nd time around he was headed to bed and so was I as soon as I hit the engine cutoff at the gate.
Ignorant users? Ever participate in a fly-in? We aren't talking about 1 or 2 planes in sight, some have a half dozen on the ground and another half dozen within 20 miles of the airport. During a Texas fly in someone got on the channel and started singing christmas songs. Not something a pilot wants to deal with when he is listening for his instructions between instructions to 3 other pilots on the move.

As real as it gets? You bet! On one Green Mountain group flight we flew to DCA from Boston. What a night to fly into DC! Cieling of 1,000ft and the only ILS at DCA is offset from the runway. Not only are you dealing with the buffeting that comes with flying through clouds but you have to zig-zag as soon as you break out to line up with the runway. Then on the way back the next night! That night they had 500ft ceiling at KBOS!!! I followed the needle all the way down, had good ATC leading me in. A GMA controller told me that 2 or 3 other pilots landed outside the airport before me. I put it right on the numbers. YaHOOOO!!!

That's it for now keep your speed up.